This chapter deals with a very famous man who spent most of his life at Bective, Mr. John Watson (1852-1908), one of the most famous nineteenth century equestrian sportsmen in Ireland.[1]

            This writer had the privilege of knowing the last surviving member of the Watson family of Fenagh, Co. Carlow – Corunna North the wife of Captain Gary North who lived at Altamont in Carlow. A fine tall handsome lady, even in her eighties, she worked tirelessly at her beloved Altamont Gardens which, after her death (her husband had predeceased her), she left to the State. These magnificent Gardens are now being well cared for and are open to the public. Whereas the subject of this chapter Mr. John Watson was known to be brusque, vulgar and hasty tempered, Mrs. North was ladylike, calm and measured in her politeness. 

The Watsons were a Quaker family

[1]Lord Dunsany, My Ireland. 1937, p.127.

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