There is not much known about the origins of the Ryans in Tipperary, except that sometime after the Norman invasion a small group arrived and settled in the western part of the county.[1]

Daniel Ryan of Inch was restored to his lands under the articles of Limerick or Galway (after 1690), as were Purcells in Loughmoe and Lord Dunboyne.

Following the death of his father, Daniel, in 1692, John Ryan inherited the lands in Inch parish, which had been purchased and assembled since 1668. These were further complemented by purchases in 1703. The total holding at that time was 3000 acres.

[1] It is known that the Ryans of Idrone, in Carlow, a very strong and warlike sept, became the mortal enemies of Strongbow when they almost overcame his army in a battle near Tullow in 1171. Only for the action of a monk in Strongbow’s service the Normans might have been completely overthrown. The monk killed O’Ryan, the leader of the attacking party with an arrow, and as was common practice in those days, the attackers withdrew when they suffered the loss of their leader. After that battle many of the O’Ryans left Carlow and headed west. It is thought that they settled in Tipperary.  Art Kavanagh – In the Shadow of Mount Leinster

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