Rowley (Lords Langford)


The Rowleys settled in Ireland in the early part of the 17th century. Three brothers, John, Nathaniel and William were the first of that family to arrive on this island. It is most likely they came to Ireland with Chichester the Lord Deputy. They probably benefited from the distribution of lands in the Plantation of Ulster. They appear to have been granted some lands in Derry and Edward, John’s son was based at Castle Roe near Londonderry where he was elected an M.P.

            John made a very good match with the daughter of an up and coming landlord, Sir Hugh Clotworthy[1], from neighbouring Co. Antrim. Sir John Rowley was John’s son and heir.

The Rowley connection with Meath began in 1671 when Sir John Rowley, M.P. married Mary the only child and heir of Sir Hercules Langford of Summerhill and his wife Mary Upton.

[1] Sir Hugh’s son, John was created the Earl of Massareene by King Charles II.

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