Perhaps the most famous of all the Mathew family was the priest whose name became synonymous with the Temperance Movement, Fr. Theobald Mathew.

Lady Elisha Mathew, sister of 2nd Lord Llandaff, survived him dying in 1840. She left, in her will, all her estates to the Duke of Leinster, James Daly and Rev. Theobald Mathew with remainders to Viscount Chabot, his son Viscount Jarnac, Captain Mathew reputed to be her son by George IV, and James Daly.

            Father Theobald Mathew was the godson of Elizabeth Mathew and she was very caring towards him. He was descended from Theobald Mathew and Anne Salle, the founders of the Thurles and Annfield lines, through his father, a second cousin of Francis the 1st Earl. Fr. Mathew was therefore a third cousin of Elizabeth Mathew.

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