The Mansergh family, whose principal residence is Grenane House, in the townland of Grenane,[1] near Tipperary Town, has been much researched, thanks mainly to Senator Martin Mansergh, the most high-profiled member of the present generation, and to his grandmother, Ethel Marguerite Mansergh.[2] She was herself a Mansergh, belonging to the Cork branch of the family. She was born in 1876, and was partly educated at Bowenscourt, the home of the novelist Elizabeth Bowen, with whom the Cork Manserghs were connected by marriage.  Ethel Marguerite married her second cousin Philip St George Mansergh of Grenane in 1907. It was not the first time that a Mansergh married a Mansergh cousin

[1] The placename is given as Greenane in the Ordnance Survey maps, but the Mansergh family have always used the form Grenane, which is the form used in the Civil Survey of 1654

[2] Mansergh Family History by Ethel Marguerite Mansergh, undated manuscript, and A Brief History of the Mansergh Family and Grenane, typescript by Martin Mansergh, 1996.  I have relied heavily on both scripts in preparing this article.

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