Damer of Tipperary

Of all the Gentry families that ever settled in Tipperary the Damers were the only ones to become part of the folklore, not alone of Tipperary but of many parts of Ireland. The old saying ‘as rich as Damer’ is based on a long tradition concerning the great wealth which was amassed by Joseph Damer.

Joseph Damer was born in Dorset in England in 1630. He became a captain in the Parliamentary Army and came to know Oliver Cromwell. According to some writers he was made a special envoy whose duty it was to liaise with Cardinal Mazarin of France. The story goes that it was at this point in his career that he developed an overriding passion for accumulating wealth, following the example of Mazarin. The good Cardinal was so acquisitive that he was said to be worth over twelve million pounds (sterling we presume) when he died.

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Damer Hall