Colclough of Co. Wexford

The Colcloughs were descended from a very ancient and noble family of Staffordshire, whose descendant Sir Anthony Colclough came to Ireland during the reign of King Henry VIII. He was a beneficiary of the policy of Monastic Dissolution. He was granted the estate lands and Manor of Tintern in 1565, by the order of Queen Elizabeth.

He took up residence in Tintern and took possession of the vast estates. He married Clare, the daughter of Sir Thomas Agard, a Privy Councillor in Ireland and Governor  of Wexford. They had seven sons, five of whom died young[1], and five daughters[2], one of whom died in infancy.

The two remaining Sons were Thomas the elder son and heir, and Leonard of Ballyknockan, Queen’s County, who was High Sheriff of Wexford in 1596.

[1] The third son Anthony was killed fighting in 1598 in the Nine Years War

[2] Jaquet  m. Sir Nicholas Walsh, Frances m. William Smethwicke, Mary m. John Cots of Salop and Clara m. William Sneyd

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