Boyse of Bannow

The 19th century Boyses were the epitome of what good landlords should be. Samuel Boyse and his son Thomas built a magnificent house, Bannow House, on the 4,500 acre estate and laid out the beautiful four acres of gardens looking out over the sea towards the islands off the coast. In the process an army of local tradesmen and labourers were employed, not alone on the house building but on land drainage, road building and cultivation. Twelve miles of road were laid down by the men who received a wage of 10p per day. The materials and wages were paid for by the Boyse family. For their part in the land reclamation each workman received some acres of the reclaimed land at very low rent. The Boyse family also gave £1000 towards the building of a new parish church and Miss Boyse donated a fine stained glass window as a back drop to the main altar.

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