Boxwell of Wexford

According to Burkes Irish Family Records, John Boxwell, of Wooton Bassett, Wiltshire, was the founder of the Wexford dynasty. Helen Skrine of Butlerstown House, a daughter of Francis Boxwell, the last Boxwell occupier of Butlerstown, told an interesting story about the origins of the Boxwell family. The founding ancestor, John, was a private secretary to Queen Mary, the older sister of Queen Elizabeth, and for his services he ‘has granted an estate in Wiltshire called Littlepark. His descendant John Boxwell, backed the wrong side in the Civil War in England and was accused of harbouring royalists. He was charged with supplying them with 480 lbs. of cheese and 30 head of cattle! His estate was confiscated and his son was forced to remove into Ireland . He came to Dublin and took the Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy, thus becoming a Freeman of Ireland.

He went to Wexford town where he became a ship’s chandler, and a dealer in rabbit skins and became successful as a merchant.

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