Barton of Tipperary

Barton of Tipperary

Thomas Barton, originally from Fermanagh, invested some of the profits amassed through the wine trade in Bordeaux in the purchase of the estate of Grove near Fethard in 1751.[1]

This is what the historians at Barton & Guestier had to say about Thomas Barton and the start of the wine business: ‘In 1725, Thomas Barton of Curraghmore, Fermanagh, Ireland established his wine négociant business in Bordeaux.[2] Canny, charming and with tremendous business savvy, Thomas quickly earned the respect of French growers.

Spotting the foreign thirst for French wines, Barton exported 2,700 barrels of wine in 1728. His was considered to be the premier export business by 1745 and by 1785 Barton’s company was shipping 125,000 barrels of wine abroad annually. Nicknamed “French Tom”, Barton soon realized two important keys to the enduring success of the company. He understood that business growth relied on the goodwill of an extensive network of growers and that by purchasing his own vineyards to augment fruit from his suppliers, he could ensure quality and consistency.’[3]

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