Barnewall of Crickstown & Trimlestown

Drimnagh Castle in Dublin was the original seat of the de Bernevals. [1] According to researches carried out by members of the Barnewall family over the course of three generations and now the subject of a book about to be published by Sir Reginald Barnewall, the first members of the family to come to Ireland were Hugo and Reginald de Berneval. They formed part of the punitive force brought to Ireland in 1215 by Prince John. As a result of that foray the de Bernevals were granted lands in Dublin in the Drimnagh, Kimmage, Ballyfermot and Terenure areas where they were settled until Cromwellian times.[2]

The family was granted other lands in Meath in the middle of the 14th century in a deed which gave the lands of Kilbrew and the advowson of Kilbrew parish to Sir Wolfram de Berneval and his wife Eva. The Manor of Kilbrew is adjacent to Crickstown. Nicholas de Berneval was the grandson of Wolfram. Nicholas was settled at Crickstown and was acknowledged as the first lord of Crickstown Castle.[3]

[1] Sir Reginald Barnewall.

[2] Drimnagh and its lands were granted by Cromwell to a Colonel Philip Ferneley while the other lands, along with Drimnagh Castle, were granted to a Major Elliot. -Notes by Sir Reginald Barnewall.

[3] Professor Stephen Barnwell in The Irish Genealogist 1959.

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