Alcock of Wilton County Wexford

Who were the Alcocks and where did they come from? How did they come to possess the magnificent estate of nearly 6000 Irish acres?

Hilary Murphy, writing about the Butlers of Kayer, also known as Cloughnagieragh and latterly as Wilton, noted that the estate was acquired from Foulks Denn in 1556 by Richard Butler of Mountgarret, 2nd son of the 8th Earl of Ormond. Richard’s son Pierce was settled on the lands of Kayer which comprised all the land from Davidstown and Edermine to Glynn. Pierce also took possession of Moneyhore near Enniscorthy. These lands were confiscated from his grandson, also called Pierce in 1654 and were granted to the Thornhill family. In 1695 William Alcock gained possession of the estates and his descendants remained in possession until 1922.

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